Hello. I am Etienne.

I have been interested in Technology and Venture Capital (VC) since writing this research.

I really like Bitcoin, privacy related topics and capital markets. Sometimes I write about these on Medium.Β More rarely, I give talks at Oxford University and work with great people there on research around blockchain. I also try to sound smart and witty on Twitter. But I often fail at this.

Currently, I invest in companies in the digital assets space at Elwood. If you are building anything related to crypto capital markets, bitcoin or the broader crypto network. Do reach out.

I also send sometimes a newsletter listing the most interesting jobs in crypto. Have a look. [Link TBD]

I am based in London. Often in Paris. Sometimes in πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ.

I have a Yashica and take sometimes some pictures. I think people should watch less Netflix and watch more Godard.

My favourite emoji is πŸ™Š